Credit Card Benefits

The Emerald Card from H&R Block is similar to the TurboTax debit card or Jackson Hewitt American Express Serve card. The Emerald MasterCard prepaid card is a cost-effective way for customers to get their tax refund.Emerald-Card

The Emerald Card is marketed as one of the best-performing prepaid cards on the market, with many features to make managing your money easier. In addition to checking the balance by SMS, the Emerald Card offers direct payment of bank slips and connections to a credit line.

Benefits Of Emerald Card 

Milestone Benefit

Spend 2L to get Rs 5,000 DA Milano vouchers. [Amex variant only] decent option. I redeemed him at the DA Milano exit at the airport and the domestic departures.

Birthday Benefit

A gift certificate worth R$5,000. [Amex variant only] Good value for money. I’m glad they replaced the Trident hotel dinner voucher with a voucher, but they reduced the voucher value from INR 7,500 to INR 5,000. You will not only get birthday bonuses for the first year but also for the rest of the time as long as you have a credit card.


Airport Benefits

You didn’t mention extra cards, but you can probably at least get into domestic lounges with different cards. Visa variants are also making the rounds now, but I doubt you’ll get unlimited lounge access as Visa usually has a maximum of 4 rooms for Infinite variants.

Golf Benefit

You are visiting courtesy: four times per month (games and classes). For every INR 50,000 spent on the card in the previous month, you can request a free round/type of golf.

All free spins won in one month can be redeemed from the 10th of the month and are available for two months (60 days). I think ICICI is asking too much about the benefits of golf. Instead of 50,000, they could have won 25,000 or less for a super-premium card.

Other Benefits

  • Credit protection: Rs 50,000 (!)
  • 1.5% surcharge on international shipments
  • No late fees, no overage fees
  • Discounts at gyms, salons, and health clubs across India
  • American Express Privileges